2021 in Review: BOOKS

I read 46 books this year! That’s eleven more than last year. Slowly, I’m creeping back up toward my acceptable average of 50 per year. And what a year it’s been! I read a ton of good books this year. I’ve catalogued a few thoughts about them here, really for myself more than any sort […]

Project Exodus: Summer Writing Challenge

Here was another Destiny 2 writing challenge from our Project Exodus Discord run by someone other than me! Here were the summer-themed prompts put forward by the very talented HiseuminGo: Vacation Skydive Roast Match Fireworks Tropical Pool Challengers could veto two prompts to meet the goal of five and get their prize. Or, if they […]

Project Exodus: Pride Writing Challenge

This challenge was the first one run by someone other than me! We have new mods due to server growth, and these were the prompts put forth by our dear Snips, themed for pride month: Rainbow Camp Identity Preference March Transition Pride Challengers could veto two prompts to meet the goal of five and get […]

Project Exodus: Derelict Writing Challenge

For the past year, I’ve been joining Discord communities during Covid times for… obvious reasons of supplemental socialization. Of these communities, I’ve had the most fun and success in writing and RP servers, and now have one of my own that I like to call home. As an admin, I’ve been organizing writing challenges, and […]

Destiny 2 Short Story: Intermission

r/DestinyJournals AO3 “Look, you know I’m game for anything you want to do. But I think people expected you to get back to your old projects. This new thing of yours—”  “—Of Didi’s.”  “It feels like it’s taking over your life, Marcus.”  “Didi’s life.”  “Fine,” Bast snaps. If this is what it takes to get […]

Destiny 2 Flash Fiction: Chartreuse

Author’s Note I’m obsessed with the vanilla D2 strikes. Don’t ask me why. Let’s just call this second in the series, with Further Observation being the first. Yes, I’m working on Savathun’s Song. Yes, I’m obsessed with that strike. No, it’s not going to be done anytime soon. My favorite comment from r/DestinyJournals was from […]

Destiny 2 Short Story: Wish 15

Author’s Note I originally wanted to write this as taking place over the course of the entire raid, but it depressed me too much. Also, writing second person POV gets tiresome quick. The idea for Wish 15 came to me after going through the Risk/Reward mission with my  Hunter friend who was fresh off playing […]